Love Your Leather!

So, you have a leather sofa and it’s looking a little tired? Or you have a new sofa and wish to maintain its looks? Read the below quick tips on keeping your leather sofa alive and well!

Clean your sofa regularly with a suitable leather cleaner (never use detergent) but more importantly use a Leather Creamer afterwards to maintain its colour and keep it supple. It’s a skin at the end of the day and needs moisturising just like ours.

Heat! Keep your sofa away from direct sunlight and radiators. This will remove the moisture from the leather causing it to stiffen and fade 

Don’t kneel or stand on any part of the sofa, this can cause the leather to stretch and loose its looks. After sitting on any leather sofa, rub your hands over it and straighten it out, so when it cools its appearance is maintained. 

Change seat positions! Sitting in the same place will cause it to age faster than the other areas of the sofa you sit in less frequently.  This will help the sofa to age evenly. 

Next month we will be looking at fabric sofas and how to keep them looking like great!

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