Maintaining your sofa.

Maintaining your sofa.

Over the years we have noticed that when replacing a leather sofa, most of our customers have failed in maintaining their own correctly, hence why there is a shorter life span and a change needed much sooner than later. Of course, quality also plays a part but the guide below will help you.

If you have a leather sofa, its highly recommended to clean it with a good leather cleaner, these cleaners have a delicate ph balance and clean the surface very well. Do not under any circumstance use detergent or soap as this will eventually cause damage. If you have a light coloured sofa, grime build up is easily visible and occurs within the surface pattern. Never press hard or use force to clean, always use gentle circular motion and if it is a very stubborn stain of some kind, then you will need further specialist attention as scrubbing will damage the leather. Once you have cleaned the sofa and allowed it to dry, then go over the sofa with a good leather creamer. This helps moisturise the leather and help keep its looks and prevent cracking. Leather is less supple when cold, so after you have been siting on it for a while, your body heat will ultimately soften the leather. This movement over a period of time is referred to as puddling, where the seat has stretched and no longer looks flat . Once you have got off the sofa, it wise to spend a few moments smoothing out deformities in order for the sofa to cool down with the leather in its original place. Not doing this will only allow the leather to cool down as it is and lose its looks quicker by making the puddling permanent. Many people ask if dark indigo jeans will stain leather, the answer is Dark Indigo Jeans stain everything! This is not because of the leather but because Dark Blue Jeans are over dyed, which means there is excessive dye that sits on the surface of the fibres (hence the blue water when you wash them). So what ever you do, if you have over dyed dark blue jeans, be very careful. Always with leather avoid direct sun light, especially during lunch time hours as this will ultimately dry out the leather and discolour it, same goes for a sofa being to close to a radiator. If you have cut the sofa, grazed or the cats been at, a good leather technician can restore the leather and hide cuts etc which wont be visible.

If you need any assistance, or advice, please call us.

Guide by Arkin. R – © Stanze Home 2020

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