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The Atlas’s abstract arm rest gives the design it’s character. Best displayed in it’s standard configuration, this feature adds an air of avant garde to it’s personality. With such a vast range of options to choose from in terms of size and finish, we suggest you either call us or visit our North London show room so we may best help you with your enquiry.
(Please note the below finishes available are the categories alone.)

Lead Time: 6-8 Weeks
Origin: Italy

Price: Coming soon
(Our Low Price Guarantee)
Call us now for best possible prices on 0208 882 0005

(Our prices include VAT @20%, delivery, installation and waste removal – Inside


Product information:
STRUCTURE UPHOLSTERY: expanded polyurethane of varied densities (PF35FR+T40P+TL30+NF21), covered with 100% cotton lining, wadding 380gr and coupled synthetic lining 6mm.
SEAT CUSHION UPHOLSTERY: expanded polyurethane of varied densities (T35+40MH6+SOFT35S), covered with cotton lining and polyester fibres.
BACK CUSHION UPHOLSTERY: outer cover in 100% downproof cotton and resin lining; filling in mixed feathers (70% goose feathers and 30% polyester fibre).
SPRINGING: elastic belts.
BACK SUPPORT: metal structure with elastic belts, covered with coupled synthetic lining 6mm.
ARM HEIGHT: 53 cm (LARGE) 47 cm (SLIM).
FEET: metal, finishes black nickel or varnished micaceous brown or oxy grey, h.5 cm.
PIPING: available in the colours of the zip samples.





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