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SCOTT Keramik

The Scott has a central base, consisting of two curved and overlapping metal plates as if to form the collar of a shirt. The optical effect is rigid, with well-defined edges that highlight the precision with which the proportions and curves of the two layers have been studied.

Origin: Italy
Code: SH-SCT
Lead Time: 6-8 weeks

Prices from: TBC
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Call for best possible prices on 0208 882 0005
(Our prices include VAT @ 20%, delivery, installation and waste removal – Inside M25)


Table with embossed lacquered titanium (GFM11), bronze (GFM18) or Oxybrass steel base. Top in ceramic Marmi Alabastro (KM02), Supreme (KM03), matt Golden Calacatta (KM05), glossy Golden Calacatta (KM06), matt Portoro (KM07), glossy Portoro (KM08), glossy Sahara Noir (KM09), Makalu (KM11), Breccia (KM12), Arenal (KM13), Corcovado (KM14), Kaindy (KM16), matt Borghini Calacatta (KM18) or glossy Borghini Calacatta (KM19).



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