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Built up of modules to offer extreme adaptability, the floor to ceiling or ceiling hanging fixtures allows Freeway to play on the rooms features, if the space is open plan why not use this stunning bookcase as room divider? Providing a 360 degree view to show case the high standard of design and craftsmanship with the detailed finishes and materials.

Lead time: 4-6 weeks
Origin: Italy
Code: SH-FRE

now for best possible prices on 0208 882 0005
(Our prices include VAT @ 20%. free deliver on orders over £1,000 – Inside M25)


Product description

Modular wall- or ceiling-hanging bookcase. Brackets, pillars and shelves in titanium (GFM11) or bronze (GFM18) embossed lacquered steel. Containers in titanium (GF11) or bronze (GF18) embossed lacquered wood and fumé glass.


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