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Taking inspiration from the intricate geometrics of antiquity, with a modern approach to colour and design, complementing a variety of décors, both traditional and modern. This rug has a rich texture and silky sheen that imbue each design a sense of warmth and vintage affluence – but with the exceptional colour retention of modern day fibres. The traditional designs have the look of authentic antiques that have been passed down from generation to generation, while the transitional pieces exude elegance, depth and refinement. This design will instantly transform and beautify the décor of any space.

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0.69m x 2.44m (2’3″ x 8′)
1.04m x 1.65m (3’5″ x 5’5″)
1.6m x 2.26m (5’3″ x 7’5″)
2.29m x 3.2m (7’6″ x 10’6″)
2.82m x 3.89m (9’3″ x 12’9″)

30% Wool, 70% Viscose
Machine Made Rug
Latex/Viscose/Wool backing


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