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Soft and serene, the Sea Mist reflects the special beauty of early evening in its treatment of light and in its dappled neutral colours. Ideal for the fashion-forward decorator who is looking for an original and modern look in floor coverings, Sea Mist delivers artful sophistication in a choice of patterned and abstract designs. Imbued with subtle sheen, these scintillating wool-blend rugs are a perfect complement to today’s leading trends in contemporary furnishings. Enhance your unique environment with the subtle elegance and lustrous appeal of Twilight.

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2.44m (8′) Round
3.66m x 4.57m (12′ x 15′)
1.68m x 2.44m (5’6″ x 8′)
2.36m x 2.97m (7’9″ x 9’9″)
2.59m x 3.51m (8’6″ x 11’6″)
2.97m x 4.19m (9’9″ x 13’9″)

40% New Zealand Wool, 60% Viscose
Machine Woven


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