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Offering in a range of shore and surf neutrals, this irresistible rug is an easy choice for home comfort and style. The marvellous chenille-like texture creates a natural striped effect of shadow and light. A subtle pattern with a slender crosshatch design adds a dash of interest. Made from an organic blend of wool-linen-rayon for superb performance and beauty.

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1.68m x 2.26m (5’6″ x 7’5″)
2.36m x 2.97m (7’9″ x 9’9″)
2.59m x 3.51m (8’6″ x 11’6″)
2.97m x 4.19m (9’9″ x 13’9″)

37% Wool, 33% Rayon, 30% Linen
Hand Knotted


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