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The Velar model is a design suspended lamp that seems to want to flap its wings and fly. With craftsmanship that pays homage to the Italian manufacturing tradition, this modern glass lamp is produced by folding a sheet of glass on itself, creating two asymmetrical tips with a studied geometry. Velar has a simple design embellished with carefully selected details, such as the rough surface of the glass and the more intense smoky colour towards the centre. An LED light is positioned along the central fold and radiates elegantly, highlighting the shade of the glass. This delicate design suspended lamp makes the greatest impact if two or more models with different heights or directions are placed side by side to create a graceful composition. Depending on the natural brightness of the room, Velar comes in different shades from grey to blue.

Lead Time: 6-8 weeks
Origin: Italy
Code: SH-VEL

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Product description

Ceiling lamp with lampshade in artistic decorated transparent glass (1 – L1) or artistic decorated blue fumé glass (2 – L2). Ceiling plate in black chrome (06) steel. Led lights.


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