Accessories are the finishing touches for your home, with our these your home will not look complete or lived in. Mirrors, Coat racks, lighting, wallpaper, cushions, art and rugs are just the main items every home needs. Mirrors adding space, coat rack bringing design to the hallway, wall paper to liven bland walls, lighting to create ambience, art for a splash of colour and interesting focal points and not forgetting rugs and cushions to add some coziness. 

At Stanze Home we have a huge range of accessories for your home. 


Arkin Redif is the head of design, his sensitivity & ability in room planning, creates an atmosphere from a blank canvas and has been proven time and time again, his work has taken him from the most opulent Bishops Avenue in Hampstead to the Tower in Vauxhall, as well as many other areas, predominantly in London.

He has strong beliefs in neutral colours with glorious accents, something many design magazines have moved away from as they struggle to keep their articles interesting.

Arkin has also designed furniture, including sofas for a number of Italia factories; this type work really is the cream of knowledge when offering sofas to customers.

At Stanze, making your home stand out is paramount as you discover furniture that doesn’t fit the norm.

The walls of Stanze are covered in artwork, especially selected and flown in from the USA, the Americans really know how to make a plain canvas special by adding a wonderful frame around it.

If it’s a coffee table you are looking, Stanze has a low priced range to suite every budget as well as the luxurious items finished in stainless steel and glass with wood combinations.

To complete the look of your room, Stanze also offer a wide range of lighting and accessories.