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The Rhombus pattern on the back of the Arcadia Couture is usually found in the leather interior of luxury cars, it shows quality craftsmanship in upholstery. The Arcadia is of course a luxury chair with cleans lines, perfect stitching and available in high and low back designs. With a choice of complimenting wood finishes to choose from and a range of leathers, it’s the perfect choice for the ultimate dining experience.

Origin Italy
Product Code: SH-ARC

Price from: £495.00
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(Our prices include VAT @ 20%, delivery, installation and waste removal – Inside M25)





Chair with frame in natural beech (F1), Canaletto walnut (FNC), wenghè (FW), matt white (OP7) or black (OP17) stained beech. Cover in synthetic leather, or soft leather as per sample card. Quilted seatback cover. The cover is not removable.


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